Breathing Meditation, Virtual Reality and Biofeedback

Flowborne was created by psychologists to provide an intuitive and playful way of learning evidence-based breathing techniques for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, concentration, and sleep.

Enjoy guided breathing journeys through magical worlds with our smartphone app or experience innovative biofeedback in virtual reality.

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Playful and Intuitive

The most immersive breathing journey you have ever experienced. Easy to learn and great ease-of-use.

Created by Psychologists

Science-based breathing techniques with relaxing virtual worlds based on principles of restoration and meditation.

Focus on Privacy

No account. No subscription. No data collection. No ads. Your breath belongs to you and nobody else.

Experience your Breath in Virtual Reality

Flowborne VR is a meditative breathing game with biofeedback support that teaches a calming breathing style in an intuitive way. It was created by psychologists with stress reduction and deep relaxation in mind. Experience a memorable pilgrimage through soothing landscapes and unravel the secret of the breath. Allow yourself to let go and master the art of diaphragmatic breathing.

Meditative Biofeedback Breathing Game in Virtual Reality for Relaxation and Sleep

Biofeedback Enabled

Flowborne VR is controlled by your very own breath. The VR controller is used to detect the subtle respiration-induced movements of your abdomen. The virtual environment reacts to your breathing in real-time (biofeedback), thereby guiding your attention and helping you perfect your breathing style. Furthermore, every exhale translates into a floating movement, letting you gently explore the virtual world.

Realtime Biofeedback of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Meditation in the Metaverse

Flowborne VR currently runs on Meta Quest 2, a state-of-the-art mobile virtual reality system that requires no additional sensors or computers. This allows you to deeply immerse yourself in a nonobtrusive way. Flowborne VR is your private refuge in the metaverse, readily available whenever you need to unwind.

High Immersion, Presence and Usability with Mobile All-in-One VR devices

Out of the Lab

Flowborne VR was empirically investigated in a peer-reviewed controlled laboratory study. Over the course of just six brief sessions, participants significantly improved their breathing skills and mental health.

Based on Scientific Evidence and Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals
Biofeedback-Enabled Breathing Journeys in Virtual Reality

Guided Breathing Journeys on Your Smartphone

The smartphone version of Flowborne focuses on guided breathing. Choose from a library of breathing exercises for relaxation, sleep, balance, resilience, concentration, and performance. Each exercise is delivered as a meditative journey in which you follow an ancient path that gently guides your breathing.

A Smartphone App with Beautiful and Immersive Breathing Pacers

How Breathing May Change Your Life

Flowborne helps you practice a mindful and relaxed breathing style. Numerous scientific studies showcase the positive effects of breathing exercises on mental health and well-being. Mindful breathing can strengthen the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, thereby calming both body and mind. In the long run, this may improve your resiliency and enhance your psychophysiological health.

Wide Variety of Breathing Rhythmus and Styles

Beautiful and Serene Environments

In Flowborne, your breath is embedded in soothing virtual worlds based on psychological principles of restoration and recovery. Balanced and calming color schemes combined with fascinating effects and a relaxing meditative soundtrack gently draw your involuntary attention and allow your mind to focus entirely on your breath. This helps replenish depleted mental resources in a casual way.

Calming and Fascinating Virtual Environments Designed to Restore Depleted Attentional Resources

Created by Psychologists

Flowborne was designed and developed by psychologists. The project combines scientific evidence regarding breathing, meditation, relaxation, biofeedback, serious games, and digital mental health in a broad sense. Years of passionate research and countless hours of hard work have culminated in what now makes up Flowborne.

Validated in a Controlled Laboratory Study Conducted by Behavioral Scientists
Innovative and Playful Breathing Meditation

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