A Meditative Biofeedback Breathing Game in Virtual Reality.

Your breath in VR

Flowborne is a virtual reality experience that conveys a healthy breathing style in an intuitive and playful way. The player’s breath is used as a game controller. The game takes you on a meditative journey through a fascinating virtual world. Follow the traces of Yuna who once roamed the temples of the world to discover the secret of the breath. Experience a memorable and deeply relaxing pilgrimage through soothing landscapes and unravel the secret of the breath. Allow yourself to let go and master the art of diaphragmatic breathing.

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Benefits of diaphragmatic breathing

Flowborne helps you practice a mindful and healthy breathing style. Numerous scientific studies showcase the positive effects of deep diaphragmatic breathing on mental health and well-being. Deep abdominal breathing strengthens the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and thus calms body and mind. In the long run, improved diaphragmatic breathing strengthens your resilience and enhances your psychophysiological health.

Soothing and immersive virtual environments, created by psychologists

Biofeedback enabled

A core innovation of Flowborne is the direct integration of the player’s abdominal breathing into the game. An empirically validated algorithm utilizes the VR hand controller to pick up the subtle respiration-induced abdominal movements. Both inhalation and exhalation are derived with great precision. The virtual environment reacts to your breathing in real-time (biofeedback), thus guiding your attention and helping you to perfect your breathing style. Furthermore, every breath directly translates into virtual movement, letting you gently explore the virtual world merely with your breath. Our approach does not require any configuration or calibration and intuitively works with all kinds of body shapes and clothing. Use your breath as a game controller.

Soothing and immersive virtual environments, created by psychologists

Restorative virtual worlds

In Flowborne, you discover a soothing and deeply relaxing virtual world based on psychological principles of restoration and recovery. Balanced and calming color schemes combined with eye-catching 3D models and playful particle effects gently draw your involuntary attention and allow your mind to mildly doze off. Created by psychologists and tested in empirical research studies, Flowborne delivers a peaceful refuge and helps replenish depleted mental resources in a casual and playful way.

Calming and fascinating virtual environments, created by psychologists

Virtual Reality

Flowborne is currently available on the Oculus Quest, a state-of-the-art mobile VR headset which requires no external equipment such as sensors or computers. Wireless 6 degrees-of-freedom head and hand tracking allows you to deeply immerse yourself into the game.

Stress-reducing and replenishing virtual environments, created by psychologists

Out of the lab

Flowborne is based on a hands-on applied research project by Johannes Blum and Christoph Rockstroh at the Department of Psychology of the University of Freiburg (Germany). Flowborne combines scientific evidence regarding VR, biofeedback and digital mental health. For information about the creator's other projects see vunderwelten.de

Soothing and immersive virtual environments, created by psychologists

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